Anko and Other Things

In our continued quest to use up food we have in the house because of our impending cross-country move, I decided to finally make anko, sweet red bean paste. If you haven't had it, it's a sweet paste used in lots of east Asian desserts, like mochi:

and anpan:

It's made with azuki beans and sugar and it's extremely easy to make! You just cook the beans in water until they're soft, mash them, and add sugar. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt a baked good to make with them but we didn't have anything tonight so I just had some plain with green tea for dessert!

I love red bean desserts because they're sweet but not too sweet, and perfect with tea! I'm really excited that this is so easy to make, hopefully I can make lots of yummy red bean things in the future.

We had genmaicha, green tea with toasted brown rice, so yummy. And inexpensive! I think a bag of loose tea the size of a one liter bottle was $3 from a local Chinese store.

For dinner, we had leftover black bean burgers with quinoa and tomatoes. We're still using up pre-new-life-plan foods, so that is indeed prepackaged sour cream and feta. I learned that they're both easy to make from scratch, though, and am excited to try it!

xx jenny