Day One

I never thought going to the grocery store would be so depressing! Not wanting to buy processed foods limited us to one tiny aisle filled with low-quality produce along with the baking aisle. I never realized that 90% of the grocery store is filled with processed sad.

One exception we've decided to make to the processed rule is fermented or otherwise aged things, like hard cheese (but I want to try making feta!), miso, gochujang, alcohol, and tofu. These things are obviously processed but don't have many added ingredients and we could never make them ourselves (except tofu, it seems fairly easy). Pickles don't count, though, because store-bought pickles are gross! Dyed green and overly salted, no thanks.

For dinner tonight, we made black bean burgers with salsa, couscous, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. We used dried black beans - after finding out how food cans are coated with plastic on the inside, we've stopped buying canned food (plus, dried beans are so much cheaper!).

Dinner mess!

We need to perfect the burger recipe - they were more than a little bit dry - but they tasted yummy! And it was our first ingredients shopping trip! Success so far.

xx jenny