Hand Pies!

A few days ago, we made one of our favorite meals! Beureks/böreks/bureks, however you want to spell them - Wikipedia prefers the umlaut. They're delicious baked savory pastries. Traditionally made with phyllo dough, we made ours loosely following a recipe from Moosewood Celebrates. Since we had already packed the cookbook (oops), we made up the recipe from memory and it still turned out great!

The filling is tahini, spinach, toasted almonds, onion, feta and lemon juice. A really great combination! I want to try making them with phyllo next time.

Only a week and two days until we move - more and more dishes are being packed so probably fewer and fewer posts will be made until we arrive in Ohio on Wednesday! I bought some rhubarb today at the farmer's market so expect some jam photos up in the next few days!

xx jenny