Homemade Crackers

Last week, when we first decided to stop buying processed foods, I made a list of foods I wanted to learn how to make. I thought most of them would be really difficult, but it turns out that everything I've looked up is extremely easy! In my head, because things are made in a factory, it's because they have to be made in factories...because it's too time-consuming or hard to do. So not the case, obviously. I'm embarrassed by my lack of food knowledge! But it's been really exciting reading about how to make all of these common foods that we're going to start making instead of buying!

Today, we made olive oil and rosemary crackers. It was really easy! I used the recipe from this website and it was as easy as she describes! Hardly any hands-on time at all, probably 15-20 minutes. The only slight problem was that we've already packed our rolling pin (oops!) so we had to use a wine bottle...no problem! Not the first time and probably not the last.

For dinner, we had tuna salad with cantaloupe and our crackers - it was yummy and filling. I never knew exactly how good cantaloupe was for you until recently! Right now, we're making anpan with the anko we made a few days ago - they're looking really good so far!

xx jenny