Pizza Pizza Pizza

Apologies for the delay in posting; Blogger was down for a day or so! Anyway, the anpan we made a few days ago turned out perfect, just like the ones from the bakery!

I probably should have taken a picture with a bite taken out so you could see the yummy anko filling, but oh well. The dough was really fluffy and perfect. Yum!

Last night, we made pizza for dinner. Finding artichoke hearts without weird additives "to maintain color" is nearly impossible but we did at last! So we had artichoke heart, zucchini, feta and fresh mozzarella pizza. With a little marjoram sprinkled on top - it worked really well! I've never made pizza from scratch before, actually. I've bought the pre-made dough or mixes but never made the dough myself. It's definitely not hard, just like any other basic dough. We followed a recipe (the one on with about 1000 reviews!) that didn't even require letting the dough rise. The crust was a tiny bit dense and I guess some rising could have helped that but the toppings were so good, it didn't matter.

Tonight for dinner we're having leftover beureks - I'll make a post about those later - they're one of my favorite foods to make! It might have been the first time I made a dough from scratch when I made those for the first time, many years ago.

xx jenny