Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

When we went to the farmer's market on Saturday, I was so happy to see rhubarb! I'd been waiting for it for a while, wanting to can something with it and it was finally here! So we bought a pound and today I made strawberry rhubarb jam. It turned out very well! As usual, I used my

Linda Ziedrich


I like her book because you don't have to do anything fancy and the recipes always turn out perfectly! When I find myself on message boards or blogs about making jams and jellies, everyone always seems to be obsessed with using pectin and convinced that you can't make jams or jellies without pectin. Her book doesn't use any pectin in the recipes and I've never had a problem with getting the proper set (except once when I cooked it too long and it carmelized!). This jam is one of my favorites from her book so far, like normal strawberry jam but much better!

The strawberries were on sale, 3lbs for $5, and perfectly ripe. The coffee filter is holding lemon seeds for natural pectin!

Yum! Next, I want to try her recipe for rhubarb chutney! That will have to wait until after we move, though, since I packed away the canning supplies after this batch was done.

xx jennie