An Update!

It's been two weeks since I last updated and in those two weeks, we've packed and unpacked a moving truck four times, twice in 93 degree weather. We also travelled 560+ miles (with 20 pounds of cat on my lap since the car was too stuffed to put them anywhere else) through a tornado-producing storm! And we've also gotten to relax a bit in the past week. It was pretty stressful for a while, but we're a bit settled now, in our temporary home in Ohio. In less than two months, we're moving on to Portland and will have to do the whole moving thing again (minus all the packing, luckily).

Yesterday, we made gnocchi for the first time! Gnocchi is one of my favorite foods ever. I was more than a little bit nervous about how ours would turn out, since we kind of made it up as we went along. All the recipes I looked at had different ratios of flour to potatoes...some used eggs, some didn't, some used ricotta, some didn't. We ended up cobbling together our own recipe and they turned out wonderfully!

We served them with a sauce made locally instead of making our own sauce because the kitchen is currently being remodelled and is a bit of a mess. Our "whole foods" diet is going to be somewhat postponed for the next few months until we move into our own apartment - but we can try our best! Here's the recipe as we made it:

Potato Gnocchi

Serves 4-6

6 Potatoes

4c Flour

1 Egg

1. Make mashed potatoes. -- Boil the potatoes until they're soft and mash them up however you prefer.

2. In a large bowl, add the egg and flour and knead until the dough comes together and is slightly sticky.

3. Roll the dough out into long "snakes" about 1/2" in diameter.

4. Cut them into little gnocchi!

5. Roll them down a fork to get the indentations to hold your sauce. Really, you could use a gnocchi board made for doing this but since we're living out of suitcases, this wasn't an option.

6. Plop them in boiling water and remove them when they float.

7. Enjoy!

If you make too many, just freeze them on a cookie sheet pre-boiling and boil them at your convenience later! I could eat them every day...

xx jennie