Hello Again!

It's been a while, I know...we've been in Portland for a month now and it's wonderful so far. Getting our things back, especially our kitchen things, has been lovely for our diet! Since we've been here, we've only been out to eat once. Mostly due to our lack of funds, since there are tons of delicious-looking restaurants here. We've been doing lots of home cooking!

I just read "Animal, Food, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver and it's strengthened my resolve to eat more locally. Like her, I would love to extricate myself from the petroleum-fueled food system. Meaning...we don't want to purchase non-local produce at all and non-local other items with some exceptions. It'll be strange no longer eating citrus fruit or bananas or tomatoes in January but there are really no arguments for continuing on the path I'm on. Right now, of course, everything is in season and it's lovely! The other day, I got 10 pounds of pickling cucumbers for $12 at a farm nearby.

Today I made a million kinds of cucumber pickles...for the first time! Strangely, although I've been canning for about a year now, I hadn't ever canned cucumbers. I made quick cucumber pickles (with vinegar, salt and spices), full sour dills (the fermented kind without vinegar), and sweet spiced cucumber slices - delicious. The first two have to sit for a while before we can eat them, but I'm really excited!

Also made some dilly beans!

Tomorrow I'm off to buy some bourbon for my mustard recipe! I also have a bunch of tomatoes that I need to figure out a preserving recipe for. I'll update again soon!