Groceries, Week of September 24th

For the last three weeks, we've been doing all our grocery shopping on Saturday morning, buying all of the fresh veggies at the farmer's market and the rest at the locally-owned grocery store. It's a good system, because when we used to do all of our shopping at Whole Foods, we didn't go on a regular basis and would often buy too much or too little food.

Our delicious grocery table! It reminds me of this British tv show that used to be on - it was about people who ate really terribly and the host would lay out the family's weekly food on the table and it would always be brown mounds of take out and chips and soda and stuff and they'd be grossed out and switch to eating good food. I never really thought we ate that healthy but thinking about that compared to this, I guess we do!

All the little bags are bulk dried goods - brown rice, basmati rice, steel cut oats, dried cranberries, wild rice, chili powder and black beans. We also got bulk peanut butter and it's so much more delicious than the jarred kind! Nothing is from any farther away than Northern California, even the rice!

Best of all, we spent only 70% of our grocery budget for the week so we have enough money to go apple picking in a few days. I love our farmer's market!