Mishmash Post

This new blogger posting layout is confusing! But I think I like it...Anyway, I have been making jams and pickles non-stop since my last post! Let's see...

- fig jam

- red pepper jam

- nectarine chipotle jam

 - bourbon mustard

and this:

Tomato basil jam! It's...amazing. Really delicious. Not too sweet. I got the recipe from a canning magazine. It told me to use pectin but I refuse to spend $3 on an unnecessary box of additive so I didn't, I just boiled it until it got near 220F, and it was perfect! As usual! I am very anti-pectin, haha. I bought one box last year and just used it on the red pepper jam because my cookbook told me to make my own pectin from apples but apples aren't in season yet. Anyway, I see why people use it - it takes much less time - but it's just too expensive for me!

It was lovely with some fresh mozzarella.

Even though I've nearly filled a whole shelf in our pantry (of five), I still want to make a few more things before it's too late! Mainly fall goodies at this point. We're going apple picking soon and then I'm going to make apple butter. This year, I think I'm going to add in some Stroh's rum...it tastes like butterscotch and I think the combination would be perfect! I also want to pickle a bunch more things - apples, onions, beets, sauerkraut, kimchi - and make some cherry preserves. Then I think (hope) I'll be done for the season!

Here was one of our dinners from the other day -

It's poached eggs in a tomato-roasted poblano sauce. It's from a PBS show, Pati's Mexican Table, and it's very easy. I love eggs poached in tomato sauce - I really want to try doing them over couscous. Mm!

Last but not least, I've continued on my food-related book rampage and read

Fair Food

by Oran Hesterman and am re-motivated to change my diet to one based on locally grown, locally processed, and locally sold foods. I also want to find a way to get involved in programs for people who don't have access to fresh foods - he provides a lot of great resources in his book that I'm going to sift through. I encourage everyone to pick up a copy, it's really well-written and engaging.

Now, I'm off to bed...though it'll be hard since I'm now thinking of jams and pickles and homemade cheese (my next project) and the farmer's market this Saturday....