Simple Meals

I wouldn't say I'm a food


...After all, I can eat an entire tube of Pringles in one sitting, frequently have enjoyed Taco Bell, succumb to snacks and treats from time to time. However, when it comes to food that I have more than five minutes to enjoy, I'm pretty picky. And a little spoiled. Growing up, I don't remember ever having store-bought tomatoes. Out-of-season tomatoes are expensive! I do remember always having really delicious tomatoes in the summertime though, from my mom's garden. (Confession: I didn't even like tomatoes until sometime in middle school.) Ever since I've lived on my own, I haven't even considered the option of those pale pink tomatoes shipped from Florida in December that taste like slightly tangy styrofoam. Occasionally, I'll buy some roma tomatoes in-season from the store because they taste fairly decent. But they're obviously nothing like homegrown.

I don't think I ever tasted an heirloom tomato growing up. I could be wrong, since I wasn't an active tomato gardener as a child, but I think the delicious homegrown tomatoes I ate were hybrids. Yesterday, when we were at the farm, we decided to get some heirlooms that were on sale just to try them. When we got back, we sliced one up right away and ate it with some fresh mozzarella, basil from our pot, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And it was amazing! I know, I know...heirloom tomatoes are all the rage, everyone knows how good they are. I admit, I thought they were overhyped and wouldn't actually be as delicious as everyone claimed. But I was wrong! We agreed that it was the best tomato we'd eaten as far as our tomato memory goes. It was like all the best tomatoes from my childhood but even better. I could eat this little dish every day...but then I'd probably not appreciate the season of tomatoes like I do now. I can't wait until we get approved for a community garden spot so we can grow our own heirlooms! (And maybe hybrids, too...there will be room for everyone in our garden).


PS. Am planning on reading


when I finish all my other library's about the tomato industry and why people accept those pale pink tomatoes in December, among other issues.