Kimchi Dumplings and Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

In our enduring quest for self-produced meals, there have been a lot of "...wait, we can make that?" moments. It's a little depressing, I guess, and points to the culture we grew up in - we didn't even consider that a lot of the foods we take for granted as pre-packaged don't


to be pre-packaged. It seems so silly to a lot of people, I'm sure! Anyway, one of the first things we realized we could make ourselves and wanted to make really badly was dumplings! Specifically, east Asian dumplings like the Chinese ones we used to get from a shop in our old neighborhood in Brooklyn.

I found a book on Amazon with really good reviews called "Asian dumplings : mastering gyōza, spring rolls, samosas, and more" by Andrea Nguyen. She also has a


that's really nice with lots of recipes, dumplings and more. We got the book from the library and it's incredibly useful - it gives lots of step-by-step instructions on rolling out different doughs, how to fill them, and filling recipes! We cheated a tiny bit because we bought pre-made gyoza skins. Ok, so that's a bit of a big cheat, but we don't have the proper equipment to make the wrappers ourselves and have a really really tiny budget so we couldn't have made them at all otherwise. We did manage to get them from a local company, though! It's a good thing that lots of East Asian people live near us :).

We made two different fillings, both for the basic wheat dumpling dough - gyoza or potsticker wrappers. The first was a vegetable filling and the second was a kimchi tofu filling. They were both really tasty, though I think I preferred the texture of the first.

We mostly stuck with the basic shape but experimented with a few simple but fancier was fun! I had to return the book to the library or else I'd post one of the recipes for everyone to enjoy. I suggest everyone check it out from their library! We're going to request it again - there are so many more recipes in there to enjoy.