Finished Christmas Cards

We got our Christmas cards back from the printer and I'm pleased with how they turned out!

(The turkey is my favorite!)

So, as you read, I painted them in gouache and then scanned them and set them up in Photoshop to be printed elsewhere, digitally. We used a company based in upstate New York called

Cat Print

. I saw them mentioned somewhere on a message board and checked out their website and thought they looked nice (plus, they're called cat not-so-secret crazy cat lady is coming through here). We didn't order a proof - which they offer for free! - because we didn't think we'd have enough time, what with Thanksgiving being next week and all. I was a little nervous about the colors being okay and everything since it's the first time we've used them. But I didn't need to worry because they all look great! We will definitely use them again, as they were super nice and fast with shipping and printing - and they did a good job printing. Basically perfect. Plus, they're quite well-priced and let you do any amount that you want instead of having a minimum order like most places.

The scented pine cones we recently got at Target for a few dollars made the photos a little bit more festive.

We got 7 or 8 fonts in the mail yesterday (I'm sure our mail carrier loved our 48lbs of lead type!) so we have lots to work on! I'll update soon with our other projects.