At Last!

A very exciting day has come! We are now the owners of another type cabinet. You see, metal type for printing on a letterpress is put away into drawers that look like this -

They're not usually that full, or dirty...I'll explain that later.

Anyway, each drawer is one font. We have a lot of fonts. Before yesterday, we only had seven drawers (in a really nice cabinet built by Matt's dad!). Yesterday, we added 24 to that number! We got a big type cabinet from a retired printer here in Portland. He had a bunch of really cool letterpress stuff and we wanted to buy it all...but, sadly, our funds were limited. The nicest thing about it all was that he drove it to our apartment! It seems like printmakers are always so friendly...I was surprised when I first took etching at SVA because everyone was just so helpful and communal. Not at all like any photography or painting classes I've ever taken. It's really nice!

The new cabinet is on the positively dwarfs the old one, which I already thought was big.

Luckily, there's plenty of room in our living room to rearrange, so we moved things around and it's not any more cramped than before (except we are going to move that white table when we get around to it). The cats are pretty excited by this huge new playground...

In other, related news, we got a few other things when we bought the cabinet. A few trays of ornaments and borders (see first's so dirty because it was probably sitting in someone's garage for 40 years), a tray full of monogram initials, a set of card suits, a set of arrows, a set of tiny calendar dates, a machine that cuts type so we can make our borders smaller, and a few other things. Here are some pictures -

Now we can print our own playing cards! We actually talked about doing this before but these sets never come up on eBay and buying them in this many sizes new would be really expensive.

One of the many, many ornaments we got. They were pretty dirty but a stiff paintbrush has worked wonders!

This is a nice's a border so there a lot of these pieces.

A cool lion! There's a pair of these.

I loove these! There are three of them (I don't remember if they come as a set of 26 or 12 or neither, originally) and you can stick an initial in the blank space that the previous owners cut out.

In case we need to really get someone's attention.

We did a quick proof of some of the new ornaments after we finished printing something else. They all look great, even if they were completely gross and dirty when we got them!

Well, that's it for now. We've been busy with quite a few custom orders lately, actually! It's exciting to be doing custom orders because each one is special and I like to think about people getting them in the mail and opening up the fancy packaging (I'll show you that sometime soon) and being really excited about their super nice stationery! I know I would be, anyway.

So, until next time -