Bird Cards

More personalized stationery to share with you today! This set features birds and a mid-century font that makes them look a bit like they're from a schoolbook. If I were picking, these would probably be the cards I'd get out of everything we've done so far, but I'm also a big fan of Futura (the font).

They're on really nice cotton paper and have silver ink on the backs of the envelopes. The silver ink is really's actually etching ink! It works just fine for letterpress, as you can see. Metallic letterpress ink is really expensive. The gold ink we have is lithography ink. They're slightly different in consistency but we have additives in case we need to fix that.

The birds are old images we got on Ebay...we have some other nature-y ones coming soon, which is exciting. We also found a place that makes the copper images and mounts them onto type-high wood blocks so we can design our own images. We'll definitely be looking into that in the future. More updates coming soon!