New & Improved Product Shots

Today, while Matt was printing lots of custom orders/presents/etc, I took some new product shots for Etsy! I know, I know, it sounds super exciting! But it's kind of fun. I read that (at least on Etsy), product photos should show people how the product fits into their's better to have clothes on models than mannequins or furniture in a room. So I got to do little vignettes for the photos, which was more fun than just taking pictures of things over and over:

I think you get the idea. They're also nice because now people can see how they'll be when they arrive (in the boxes/bags) instead of finding out later. We printed some cool stuff today but sadly, I think I have to wait to show you until after Christmas! If it's not too off-topic, maybe later I'll show you some Christmas decorations we made last night!

Until next time -

x. j