Northwest Lies

Oh, the Pacific Northwest's perfect, right? Except during the winter - because during the winter, it's rainy every day and the sun doesn't come out from October through May. We were prepared for this...we have a spray to waterproof our shoes, we have jackets with hoods, a dehumidifier.'s not true! I mean, I'm sure it will start raining at some point, because that's (supposedly) what it does here. But so far, other than a few weeks of drizzle in the normal early November autumn way, it's been exactly the opposite of what everyone always says.

The last two (or more?) weeks have been completely sunny every day, with milder temperatures than we're used to. It's very odd. We were looking forward to gray skies! And yes, there are still lots of trees with autumn leaves on them, even if it's nearly January.

We've even seen Mount Hood every day! (Picture it about six times bigger than this phone's camera flattens everything).

Our plants are happy for all the sun, at least. I'll be happy when it's rainy - a change of seasons is a good thing! Speaking of seasons changing, our favorite local fast food emporium has a new milkshake flavor -

Egg nog! It's delicious! We buy Silk's soy nog but the real stuff, at least in milkshake form, is really good too.

Until next time -