Post Office Discovery

We've been getting a few custom orders here and there, which is really exciting, and today we had to rush to ship one off because it's going to Canada and we wanted to make sure it would get there before Christmas. Most of the post offices here close at 3pm on Saturdays and a good number aren't even open...but we found out about the special one by the airport and were really excited! It's open until 9pm


day, even Sunday! We weren't even too annoyed when we had to wait in line to mail our package...everyone was so friendly in line, it's so not like New York where people start grumbling if the line gets kind of long (which it always, always does in New York).

We started working on some paper journals the other day and we're finishing them up tonight. Here's a little preview:

The ink is silver!

And one more, for good measure -

Which doesn't belong? (Hint: it's the one not made of paper)