Sealing Wax

One exciting thing about our little business is that it gives us the opportunity to do things that we've wanted to do but didn't really have a reason to do before. Last week, I placed an order with a Seattle-based business,

Letter Seals

. It arrived yesterday (sadly, just after we'd mailed our first custom order) and we got to try it out today! It being sealing wax, of course.

We got a tree seal because we thought it seemed appropriate, since paper is a big part of what we do and everything. Someday we might get a custom one made with our logo, but for now this one is pretty nice! It was made in Seattle, too, which is almost local for us.

I think learning how to do the seals is a bit of a process, like anything, but our first few attempts went pretty well!

A little bit off-center, but otherwise good! Our master plan (I'll take credit for it) is to put the wax seal in the center of the paper ribbon that goes around our boxes, as seen here:

It looks a bit empty without a pretty wax seal there! It's also not centered, but I'll blame that on Matt.

We got a few different colors of wax - this one is my favorite by far! It's made in Scotland by the same company that's made it for...400 years or something. The other colors we got are made in Seattle.

Definitely excited about this. It's also surprisingly inexpensive! Who knew? Of course, there are also very fancy waxes that are a little pricier, but it's nice to know that if you want to try it out, you don't have to spend a lot of money. The Seattle-made waxes can even go through the automated postal machines without breaking (the Scottish one must be hand-cancelled).

Until next time -