Fountain Pens & Ink

One of the advantages to working with really nice paper is needing really nice pens to do it justice! And to double as photo shoot props...

With these two things in mind, we placed an order with Jet Pens earlier this week and our package arrived today! Fountain pens have always sounded very confusing and old-fashioned to me. It turns out I shouldn't have thought so at all! They're just like regular (nice) pens, only you can fill them up with any kind of ink you want instead of being stuck with whatever you're given. Plus, they're not disposable so you can keep them forever.

We chose our pen and inks for how good they'd look as props in a photo of our stationery, but I like them on their own anyway! The pen was highly rated and only $16 so we thought it was a good choice - it looks very official. The inks were a lot of fun to pick out - there are so many colors! In the end, we got one with a really photogenic label :

And one that's perfumed like roses!

It really does smell like roses! I'm not sure how long the scent will stay on the paper, but it's pretty exciting. It's made by a company that's made the same inks since 1700 or something ridiculous like that. Anyway, that's all for now!