Four Seasons Stationery Set

With some of the vintage images we found, we made four stationery sets - one for each of the seasons. Here they are, on one of the new backgrounds we bought at the fabric store! We were getting a little bit bored of the doesn't look good with all of our paper colors.





We want to make more blank card sets that aren't customized - it takes much less time and is therefore a lot less expensive! I guess next time I send a letter, I should use the winter stationery - though with temperatures constantly in the high 40s/low 50s and green grass all around, it hardly feels like winter! Maybe I could just skip ahead to spring...there are flowers blooming now, after all!

PS. We redesigned the blog to make it a little bit more user-friendly, eliminating most of the really specific post labels in favor of more broad categories, and adding a "see more like this" bar at the end of every post (though sometimes it's not much "like this" at all!).