Hot Dog Buns and Homemade Condiments

When we decided to stop eating so much processed food, we made a list of all the foods we'd have to learn how to make instead of buy. We've already made lots of those, like mayonnaise (why did we ever buy this?), pita bread, pasta sauce, ketchup, gnocchi, mustard, and crackers. Today we crossed another off the list - hot dog buns. ...But, you say, fake hot dogs are more than a little bit processed! And you're right...but they're local (Tofurkey is made under an hour away!) and a rare treat. At least by making our own buns, we're not ingesting


many preservatives at one sitting.

We got

the recipe

from Allrecipes, where we get almost all of our non-cookbook recipes. We like them because there are reviews, which not only allows you to see if more than one person likes it but also if they've made any modifications to improve it.

It was really easy! We made them smaller than the original recipe called for, as suggested by the person who wrote the recipe. They looked really tiny as they went into the oven but they ended up being the perfect size! For once, our hot dogs weren't all bun. We slathered on the spicy bourbon mustard and sweet relish that we made last year and could actually taste it all. Yum!

You know how hot dog buns from the store are always huge and dry and often crack down the bottom? Ours were perfect and didn't even split a little bit. So much better than store bought! Plus, we mixed in some wheat flour so they were healthier than usual.

Next on our list? Sriracha!