Neighborhood Walk

Today in Portland, like in many parts of the country, the weather was warmish and nice! We decided to go with the


strategy I thought up the other day...when it's nice out, we'll do the fun things we want to do during the day and do our work time at night. It seems so obvious! The convenience of working for yourself should mean working whatever hours are the best for you, not the arbitrary 9-5 we're used to. Anyway, as far as self-motivation is concerned - it's easy to make yourself do things you


to do, like printing orders and listing them on Etsy. It's hard to do things you "just" want to do when you're tired after working all day. I end up putting off things I'd like to do for another day...which becomes another week...etc. I'd rather be tired at work than tired when I'm having fun! Not that work isn't fun...but you know what I mean.

So anyway, after we printed some new silver stationery (which looks lovely and shiny!), we took a walk to enjoy the fresh air.

Our apartment building has no fewer than five entrances and exits, so we switch it up from time to time and leave by way of a different set of stairs...for variety's sake.

These little plants are really interesting! Does anyone know what they are? Matt broke one open and it smelled like a radish. Maybe it's some kind of flower? We obviously need an experienced gardener's help...

I love how all the sidewalks here are dated with when they were poured. 1917! That's an old sidewalk.

The weather was nice today, but it's going to be even nicer later in the week! Mid 50s all week, and sunny! How exciting...I might have to revise my "least favorite month" status away from February. I'm not sure what the new month will be though - all the months here so far have been really nice! (We might be working at night for a while.)