A Poem by Thoreau

In the spirit of branching out, we printed a poem yesterday. It's called "Friendship" and it's by Henry David Thoreau, a poet we both really like. It's just the last two verses of the poem (the whole thing is quite long). You can read the whole poem here :


. It's really nice, about love and friendship and all that good stuff. We want to make lots of little prints of poems and sayings and stuff like that - we chose this one to do first because it's almost Valentine's Day (in the retail world, anyway) and we thought this one would be really nice for a gift!

It's a two-color print, so that means we got to mix up some green ink!

And this is how it turned out! It's really hard to take photos when it's as dark as it was today - I might have to try again tomorrow. I'll leave you with a visual clue as to why it would be really nice to have a studio outside of our apartment:

Until next time -