Snow Day

This week, it snowed for the first time since we've moved to Portland! It snowed one or two inches last night and the whole city was on red alert - there are no salt trucks or plows here! Of course, by the time we woke up, it had all melted and it was positively warm out today. Before we moved here, I thought I might miss the snow - that winter wouldn't be the same without snow and it would be weird and make Christmas "not Christmasy" and things like that. Not at all the case! It's been really nice to have temperatures in the high 40s almost every day, without slush or puddles of dirty snow everywhere. Even though it was nice to see snow for a little while, it was even nicer to have it be 51˚F today! I much prefer the "snow on our terms" weather here - any time we want, even in July, we can go to Mt. Hood and see snow...but we don't have to if we don't want to.

Today, we went food shopping and got to use our new bags! We got a set of these for Christmas (thanks to Matt's parents!) and decided we had to buy more of them because we needed even more! They're from a fellow Etsy seller,


. We decided this year, that instead of "going on a diet" or worrying about whether something had too many weird additives or if it was made in a nice factory or not, we'd just not buy any food packaged in plastic. It's a lot easier than reading labels and calorie counting! You can't eat too many chickpeas or apples. We've been buying stuff in bulk for a while now but it always seemed counter-productive to put it into plastic bags when the whole reason we wanted to buy in bulk is not buying it in plastic bags! So these bags are perfect...they're really lightweight and strong, made out of fabric. And they're handmade on Etsy, which is cool!

Yummy oats. We're lucky to live here, because we haven't yet been to a grocery store that doesn't have a bulk section, and the two we usually go to have really extensive bulk sections. Not like New York, where our local grocery store had half-rotting produce and scary packaged meats!

That's all for now - we're in the middle of printing lots and lots of business card styles right now, so we'll be able to share those tomorrow. I'll leave you with a cute, more than slightly weird picture of Finny:

(He has a habit of sticking out his tongue.)

Until next time!