Studio Tour

Thought I'd post a few pictures of around the studio space today!

We're working some more on the constellation prints we started way back in November! Hopefully, I'll be able to share some progress pretty soon. We're new to block printing, so there's a bit of a learning curve involved.

I love all of this new (to us) decorative rule! We got it on Etsy and it's useful for all kinds of things, from cards to books to business cards. We also got a cutter so that we can chomp through these bits of metal and make them any size we please!

We've been working on a bunch of custom orders lately - here's the second one we did today. We got the monogram sets from the Portland man who sold us the type cabinets and it's been a big hit! They go for a lot of money on Ebay so we were lucky to get three of them (five including different type sizes!) for hardly anything.

We also did two more Valentine cards (in our shop), and I like this one the best:

It's on the nice cotton paper and everything. After printing so much on the cotton paper, it's really, really hard for me to appreciate normal white paper anymore! It all seems so flat and cheap...even though the cotton paper isn't much more expensive than the normal stuff. I actually just learned an interesting fact about cotton paper - it's made with byproducts of the garment industry. No cotton is actually grown for paper, it's just made from the bits they don't use when making fabric. I also found out that the company we buy our cotton paper from (Crane) is the company that makes the paper for the US mint to print their banknotes on! I had no idea.