Etsy Front Page

We have exciting news to share! Today, one of our business cards was on the front page of Etsy!

Here's how it happens: Etsy members can make "treasuries", collections of items from Etsy that are themed. This one was themed "personalized things". Etsy admin then goes through and selects treasuries that they think fit their brand to go on the front page. Each one is up for a short time (I think 30 minutes) and then a new one comes up.

It's pretty exciting for us - we got more views just in a half an hour today than we got in all of December! (And half of our January views.) We also got lots of people bookmarking our items and our shop, which is better than views, since that means they might be back someday. We also had a few requests for custom orders.

Many Etsy sellers make the front page all the time (once a day, even!) but since this is our first time, it was pretty exciting! Hopefully the trend continues and we land in more treasuries that make the front page! We'd like to try creating some treasuries of our own, too, when we have the time.