Flat Stationery and A New Background Idea

For the past few days, we've been coming up with all kinds of ideas for our spring and summer releases - there are so many things we want to get done! Our plan of attack right now is to finish up all of the more traditional stationery stuff first - business cards, new stationery designs - and then move on to the other things.

Today we printed a bunch of flat stationery and business cards!

This one is my favorite! And not just because it has my name on it. It's our first time using our new script font and it turned out wonderfully! We're going to be using this one on wedding invites too and it's going to look really nice. It matches well with other, more modern fonts too. I like it because it's not too frilly.

Matt made some flat cards for himself with the really nice decorative capitals that we have - they look so good, especially in person. We also printed these on kraft paper.

These flat cards match our most popular folded card style (and matching business cards!). Lots of people prefer flat notes over folded cards so we decided we should probably offer both kinds! It's much more economical on paper, too - we can get four flats out of one sheet of paper instead of two folded cards.

You may have noticed something else in that last picture besides the beautiful stationery...the background. Finding the perfect background has been the most frustrating thing ever! Different shades of paper look good on different shades of background. Fabric backgrounds are nice but fall into a weird distorted pattern when shrunk down to Etsy size. Anything slightly yellow confuses the camera's light balance. Anything too textured overwhelms the whole picture - anything completely flat is too boring and sterile. Oh - and it has to reflect our branding very well (since it's the only visual branding you get on Etsy) - all in one little background. It's really hard!

Which is why we've been looking for a new background...and we decided to check out this place in north Portland called the Rebuilding Center. It turns out to be one of the best stores ever! It sells architectural salvage, but affordable stuff instead of crazy expensive antique stuff. We ended up buying three stone tiles for photo backgrounds (for $1.50 total) and the last photo above is one of them.

Those are the other two. I think they look so great! They don't work for everything (which is why the first few pictures are on felt) but they do work for a lot more than a dirty tabletop or weird-patterned fabric! Plus, they reflect our branding pretty well. We'll definitely be returning to the Rebuilding Center to look for more interesting things - the last background I really want to get is a piece of weathered wood from a barn or outdoor table. Then we'll be set!