Mid February Already

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Valentine's Day! We certainly did - we celebrated by eating lots of donuts. We'll probably go out to eat later this week...all the restaurants are too crowded on the actual day! Or is that just New York?

Take a peek at these lovely roses I unexpectedly received in the mail from my dad and Ruth! Thank you again - I think getting fresh flowers is one of the best presents - they brighten up the whole house. Plus, they gave me a new subject for my sketchbook! And Sebastien has a new plant to munch.

Aren't these cool? I bought the planter at a thrift store in Ohio and found the vase here in Portland a few months ago. I tried to research who made them but couldn't come up with anything. They definitely seem to be mid-century, though, or at least heavily inspired by that era.

Speaking of flowers, this is what's happening in front of our building now - flowers blooming already! It's been warm here, but I didn't realize it was that warm! We're almost done with our crazy week of wedding designing - more than halfway through our list of designs. Soon we'll have to place orders of paper, type, and dies - and then we can finally unveil some of them!