Powell Butte Trip

Sunday was our "day off" after a busy week and we decided to (finally) visit one of the multiple extinct volcanoes within Portland city limits! According to Wikipedia, Portland is one of only two major US cities to have such an honor. The old volcano - or, rather, the butte - is called Powell Butte and it's in the east of Portland, a short drive from our apartment. The bus also goes there!

The butte is a nature park with a nice, 2-mile paved trail for walking and biking and multiple unpaved trails for horse riding, mountain biking, etc. We stayed on the paved trail since we weren't looking for a super long walk. Even though it was warm down at normal Portland ground level, it was a little blustery up at the top of the butte!

There's an orchard at the top that was planted in the late 1800s by some early owners of the land. It was pretty and gnarled - in the summer, you're supposed to be able to still find fruit! Apples, walnuts and pears. There were also lots of wild blackberry bushes everywhere. Even though it was windy (and on all-important Super Bowl day), there were lots of people out! Tons of cute dogs, too.

The grass was so brown which is odd in comparison to the rest of Portland, which may as well be in April right now. Grass just doesn't get brown here...it's actually one of the best things about the mild winter so far!

The best part of the hike - the view! My camera's lens is fairly wide angle so it doesn't seem so great from this picture, but just believe me. From the top of the butte, you can see no fewer than three really huge mountains! Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams. We want to visit Mt. St. Helens sometime soon - it's about as big as Mt. Hood seen from Portland (except missing its top half, of course!).

We've been super busy in the studio otherwise - I'll post some updates in another entry! Hope everyone had a nice weekend!