Spring is Here

Apparently in Portland, Spring arrives in late February - we went out today and there are flowers everywhere! We haven't had any crazy warm days like on the east coast but it also hasn't been cold since January (and even then, it was only "cold"). Today we went out to get some fresh air...and donuts.

Our neighborhood is full of plants and things to take photos of. We walked over to get donuts from Voodoo Donut. It's a pretty big touristy thing in downtown Portland but there's a second location near our apartment that's usually not very crowded. The one downtown always has a crazy line. They're known for their "weird" donut combos but they actually have really good standard donuts too!

Today there was a pretty long line but it was okay because we got to listen to about a half an hour of Queen. Waiting in line could definitely be worse!

On our way back, we passed by this building and I thought I should take a picture because it's pretty cool and old. It's right next door to our apartment. Matt actually visited it once because there's a guy who works upstairs and does book repair. Sadly, he wasn't hiring, but he didn't mind chatting for a while about book binding.

We've ordered all our wedding paper and are anxiously awaiting its arrival. We're going to have no fewer than 22 boxes of envelopes arriving...time to get some more storage! See you soon, Ikea.