Sunny February Day

It's the second day of February and so far it's been lovely! I love the blinding sun for the Vitamin D, our house plants, and sunny walks...but it's not so great for product photos! Indirect lighting is much nicer. After being frustrated by the sun pouring in our windows for a while, we decided to take a walk and enjoy it instead.

We walked over to our neighborhood park and it felt like we hadn't been there in forever! We always forget how much there is to do in a short distance from our apartment. We passed all kinds of shops on the way to the park - a gelataria, a wine shop, a sushi place we really want to try, a gift shop and gallery, a plant shop, a butcher, a movie theatre, and (of course) lots of coffee shops. We stopped in one and I got iced coffee. Iced coffee, to drink outside, in February! Not bad, huh?

An interesting architectural choice...

An antique store's offerings

"Our" park is so lovely! I didn't know if anything could top Sunset Park - it was right across the street and had such a nice view of New York Harbor - but this one is nice too. There are tons of huge trees and it smells like actual outdoors. Plus, there are tons and tons of cute dogs running around because of the off-leash area. We've been thinking about faking the death of one of the cats and smuggling a dog in - there's a two-pet rule - it seems like everyone in our building has one!

Our pepper plant is loving this weather

So is Finny.

When we got back, the light was much better so I could take those photos I needed to! We're starting on some of our own business cards, so I'll be posting those when they're done!