What a Busy Week!

The past week has been incredibly busy! We've been working on wedding stationery day and night! We decided to get everything designed before we release any of it, so we don't have much to show yet. It's going to be exciting, though! So far, we have 16 designs that range from super formal to state-park rustic. We found the perfect script font for it on Ebay. Up until now, we didn't have any script fonts at all, but now we have three. We were lucky enough to get this font in two sizes, 12 and 24:

Isn't it really nice? I was so nervous as the auction was ending - there were tons of bids on it and all the other fonts that we'd been watching. I decided to just go for it and bid a huge amount and we won! (But didn't even end up spending that much.) A 24 point font costs up to $145 new! And that's not even considering that this font isn't a popular one and we haven't seen it available from any of the typefounders we usually buy from. And now we have it in two sizes - perfect for invitations and cards. We also got another script that had a bad photo, so it went for very cheap. We couldn't even really tell what font it was - just that it was unusual in a good way. We'll see what happens when it arrives!

Other than nervously bidding on metal type and designing invitations, we've also been busy preparing our spring items. We're planning on attending two craft fairs at the beginning of May here in Portland. Although we're going to bring our custom stationery catalogue, we don't expect everyone will be looking for that kind of thing at a craft fair. We have a lot of card designs, art prints, and other items that we're going to bring along and those all have to be printed too. We certainly have a lot on our plate right now!

Speaking of plates, we finally tried the pizza place a few blocks from our apartment and can officially report that it's amazing! They're all cornmeal crust pizzas with unique toppings. The picture above is of the fresh corn and marinated onion but we also tried two other kinds - you can buy it by the piece - and they're all perfect! We felt like we'd never eaten pizza before. If anyone visits us, we'll definitely take you here.

I'll leave you with a preview image - I did some hand lettering for a silkscreen print we're going to do. We're excited to move our shop beyond the world of letterpress and into the broader one of printmaking!