New Packaging Ideas

Yesterday we dropped off a bulk shipment to a store here in Portland called

Tender Loving Empire

. It's a cool store that sells handmade things from lots of people in the area. They also run a record label and do screen printing out of their shop - they have a lot going on! Having to drop off a big pile of stuff like that gave us the final push to finish our new branding. You might have seen the post about our stamps yesterday - besides stamping the backs of cards and insides of journals, we also designed little kraft paper labels that were stapled to our bags.

Everything looked so nice all packaged up and piled together. The bags that we use for our packaging are made from corn plastic and are biodegradable! It's crazy to me that anyone would use anything but corn 'plastic' - we can make it from corn grown in Iowa instead of petroleum from somewhere halfway around the world. Not to mention the biodegradable thing. Anyway - just wanted to give you a little taste of what our things look like when we send them out and not just the Etsy photoshoots.

After we finished dropping off our goods, we went to the bookstore and got a gardening book because we got a space in the community garden that we were on the waiting list for! We're super excited to start planning a garden and growing things. We do pretty well with houseplants (and apparently, hot pepper plants) but want to take it to the next level and start growing food!