Spring Is Here!

Our amazement at spring's early coming in these parts continues! It's been somewhat warmer for the past week (it hit 60 once or twice), but more importantly - it's not cold at night. In fact, our estimated last frost date is in two weeks! What surprised us the most was that all of the cherry trees are blooming already. In New York, they don't really start going until April.

Does anyone know what this pretty tree is? It looks like roses but it's more of a tree than a bush so I'm not sure if it is roses.

We found a sushi place! 'Our' sushi restaurant was one of the places we ate at most in New York and we've been looking for one since we moved. As it turned out, we didn't have to look very hard. Not surprisingly, there are a ton of really good sushi restaurants with locally-caught fishes and others.

It's kaiten-zushi! It has a conveyor belt that goes around the room with color-coded plates that correspond to prices. The place we always ate at in New York was like this and we loved it. This one is even better! It has a much higher variety on the belt - before, we had to order the non-standard kinds separately. It also has tons of veggie sushi! It's kind of hard to find good veggie sushi...although I love my raw fish, I like to mix it up with veggies and this place has lots of options - yummy marinated gourd, mountain vegetable, seaweed salad, and more. And the best thing of all? We can walk there! It's almost like we live in Manhattan again :)