Trip to the Garden Center

Today we went to the local garden center to buy some new pots for our seedlings and future indoor plants. Our garden center is so nice -

Portland Nursery

. They have all kinds of plants and seeds and many are from Oregon or somewhere nearby!

Halfway through our visit, there was a strange five-minute sleet storm. It ended quickly and then the sun came out and everything was nice again. It seems like there are cherry trees everywhere in this city! We're both pretty sad to be missing sakura matsuri in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden since that was one of our favorite things about New York, but at least we have cherry trees everywhere here - not just in a park 35 minutes from our apartment!

Our weekend of rest and relaxation is almost over and I have to admit - I didn't think it would be so hard to step away from the business! Even though we took the weekend "off", we still made plans for our next projects and applied to a craft fair and did some 'data analysis' on our sales statistics. I think a whole week off, preferably somewhere with a beach and warm weather, would do us some good!

(Maybe next year)