Wedding Dies and Metal Type

Yesterday was a very exciting mail day for Seaborn Press - we got a vacuum (our old one was jettisoned in New York), a postal scale (we no longer have to try to balance everything on our tiny kitchen scale), blank flour sack dish towels, and - most excitingly - a whole bunch of supplies for our wedding invites and beyond!

These are metal dies we got made from my drawings for the wedding invites we're releasing soon! It's a relatively simple process to make the dies on our end - we just scan the drawings, clean them up, and send them off in PDF format to the die maker. They do their die-making thing (probably a lot more complicated than our scanning thing) and we receive them a week later!

The nice thing about the dies is that we can mix them up and use them for lots of other things - stationery, cards, prints, all kinds of stuff. We also ordered some new metal type and ornaments for the wedding suites and more :

Last but not least, I had to take a photo to show you the menu that's a part of the first wedding set we showed last time :

Not only did it turn out really nicely, our fake wedding menu sounds delicious! I think designing and printing fancy menus for restaurants or parties would be really cool. You could do a lot of interesting things with design - maybe some nice restaurant in Portland will be looking for a letterpress menu sometime soon!