Wedding Stationery Preview

So, it's official! We've finally finished our first set of wedding invitations. Our dies are speeding their way toward us, currently somewhere between Michigan and Portland, so hopefully we'll be able to finish the others soon! This is our "Greenhouse" set. For inspiration, we came up with faux wedding scenarios along the way so we could fine tune the invites to certain styles. This one was my very first idea, actually!

My idea behind this was inspired by the font we used, Baskerville. It was designed in the mid-1700s and my idea was of an 18th century style wedding - set in New England, traditional but not flashy, outdoors but not outdoorsy. We naturally thought that the setting for this wedding would be perfectly suited to the

Palm House

at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We'd always see people getting married or having their reception there when we visited the botanic garden and it always looked so nice!

We printed this set on pearl and ecru paper. I really like how classic and simply elegant it turned out - I'll post the full set soon! First, we need to finish working out the details of presentation and get a few more sets printed. We've decided to start a second Seaborn Press Etsy shop to include only wedding things. After all, each wedding set is going to have five or six separately sold pieces - 84 pieces for the sets we've designed so far! - we don't want to clog up our regular shop with items for such a specific market. It's all going to be on our personal shop website when we get it set up, though. It's just that organizing categories on Etsy isn't the easiest.