Cherry Blossom Walk

One of our absolute favorite things about New York was the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We had a membership for three years in a row and loved visiting at all times of year. The best time of all, though, was when the cherry blossoms were blooming - for those few weeks, we tried to go as often as we could. When we moved, it was one of the things we were really sad to leave. We didn't know if we'd be able to see any at all, living here. Luckily, we were completely mistaken!

In Portland, there are cherry trees


. Seriously! There seems to be one on just about every block. I guess the difference in the cherry trees is kind of like the difference between the two cities. There aren't really any cherry trees just


in New York - there aren't really that many trees in general, especially compared to here. Even though we loved the garden there, we no longer have to go somewhere special to see nature - it's just everywhere. It's a pretty nice change.

This street is over by the library and it's officially our new favorite street (or second favorite - I'll show you pictures of the other one sometime soon!). It's completely lined with my favorite kind of cherry tree, the kind from the botanic garden, and they stretch down both sides of the street for at least seven blocks.

The houses that line the street are equally wonderful - a mix of Victorians through mid-century, all of them pretty small and close to the street. Lots of really nice gardens and some cool old cars out front. Maybe there are some apartments for rent so that next year, we could smell the cherry blossoms out our window in the spring!