Etsy Wedding Email

Etsy sends out daily and weekly emails about various topics - there's a general, daily email called "finds" along with a few others - "gifts", "fashion", and others. We signed up for the finds and gifts because back in February, one of our journals was featured in the Etsy finds! However, we completely forgot that Etsy has a wedding email as well...until today, when we suddenly started getting hits from email accounts!

The middle picture might look familiar - it's our wedding suite I posted the other day! We've gotten tons of views today, and lots of favorites. And two unrelated orders! But who knows if these things are unrelated - once someone comes into the shop, they could browse and buy something completely different. That's why any publicity is so important. It's something we're still working on, since it doesn't come quite as naturally to us as creating things.

Today, we went out to our favorite sushi restaurant to celebrate Matt's birthday! I have class tonight so we're going to go out to dinner tomorrow - a German restaurant we drive past constantly. In celebration, check out our new birthday card design: