Garden Starting

We started our garden this week! It's been warm lately and our last frost date is the last week of March or first week of April (depending on which source you check) so we thought it was high time to get working! Our plot was basically weed-free to begin with but we spent a while making it perfect, dividing it into beds, and mounding up the soil a bit. We're going to buy some more soil to add on top of the beds - it rains so much here that raising them above the ground is pretty necessary.

We planted a few things while we were there - these are the only plant starts we've bought so far! All the rest are seeds - 30 packets' worth. There's just so much more variety if you buy seeds - not to mention, it's so much cheaper.

In addition to our rosemary, thyme, and kale, our garden was already partially stocked with some rogue lettuces so we gathered them up and transplanted them into a nice bed!

We also had an extra huge parsley plant to transplant! I'm not sure if it will survive, but it's okay since we weren't planning on having parsley anyway.

Garden experts - any idea what this plant is? I guess it could be a weed, but it seems so vegetable-like that we thought it might be something we should keep around. Plus, I think the garden tenders cleared our plot before we got there and they left this along with the lettuces and parsley.

We're about to start seeds for tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and cucumber! We're a tiny bit late but hopefully things will still be okay. If not, we can always just plant some more lettuce!