Printing our Lily of the Valley Invites

Today we printed our seventh (seventh!) wedding suite - over halfway done with our original lineup. I thought I'd show you the steps it takes to get from idea to printed goods -

We decided we wanted to do lily of the valley flowers so I drew some in my sketchbook, trying out different angles and styles. Then we figured out which fonts we thought would look nice with the type of drawings and drew out some rough sketches, blocking in where the text and flowers go. When we finalized it, I made final drawings and we sent them in to have dies made - -

The dies are engraved into magnesium so they're incredibly strong and will hold up to being printed over and over again! They're already type high, so then all we had left to do was print, which we did today!

Here's the response card on the press, in the midst of printing.

...and here's the final result!

If you want to see how they look when photographed nicely, check out the wedding section of our website (the lily of the valley sets aren't up yet since they're actually still on the press this very moment!).

Have a good rest of the weekend, everyone!