Spring Plantings

We had very exciting news in our inbox recently - we got a spot in the community garden! We put ourselves on the wait list last June so it's been quite a long wait...we didn't even live here in June! Today, we went to the garden to check out our spot and we're getting really excited about the possibilities. We signed up for an online garden planner that's run by a seed company out of Oregon, Territorial Seed. Here's our (tentative!) plan:

It's actually only half that size - we just made two copies of each block to show what will be planted later in the season and right now. We're actually getting quite a late start - you can garden year-round here - but we'll just buy some of our plants as plants instead of seeds. When we went to check out our garden plot today, we met a nice guy there who was also getting his plot ready and he gave us some seeds! Gardeners are just so friendly...kind of like printmakers!

These are leeks that we planted last week, from Territorial. It's been pretty sunny here so they're super happy.

This is our pot of baby greens, also planted last week - it was a mix of all kinds of veggies that you're meant to cut after only 14 days so you get nice baby greens to have on your salads. We're going to keep this pot in the apartment so we always have greens at hand. We also started some basil, oregano, and lettuce from seed. Basil is such a self-confidence boost - I think it's impossible to kill it.

(Oh, and the plants aren't the only ones who are happy about the sunshine and warm weather.)