Food and Future Food

Here's a food and future-food post. Our successful farmer's market trip meant a week of tasty food and here's one of the things we made, a quick late lunch of pasta with homemade pesto from farmer's market basil and asparagus!

We also decided to treat ourselves to our favorite pizza place since they were having grape and brie pizza as their nightly special - I don't think I have to say it was delicious, but it was!

Of course, we're also continuing on the growing-our-own path as well - the lettuce in our window box is finally looking lively

And we've also done a lot at our community garden plot - put up bean poles, planted a bunch of seeds, finished adding soil to all of our beds. We have two more beds to plant and then we're done with our first planting! I think we're going to put in a few tomato plants also. Our cucumber seeds are doing really well so far!

That's one on the left - they just sprouted a few days ago and are already taller than the basil. They're both early-maturing varieties so hopefully even though we started them a bit late it'll be okay! One of them is for pickling cucumbers and one is for slicing's called "spacemaster" because it doesn't take up too much room in the garden. Excited to see how it goes!

Last but certainly not least, look at what we discovered on our pepper plant yesterday:

A pepper! Imagine that! We brought this plant from Columbus when we moved last summer - it made the five day journey just fine but was only about 6" tall when we moved. It's now about 18" tall and has been flowering since about December. It's never had enough light to fruit, though, but now that the sun is blazing through the windows (and now that we stuck it under the grow light) it's ready! I pollinated it with a paintbrush a little while ago and forgot about it until yesterday. It's a Datil pepper, which is a hot pepper common around the St. Augustine area - we bought the seeds when we visited last March. We're so excited that it actually made a pepper - one is enough to satisfy us. Anything else is just a nice bonus!