Seaborn Press, Lately

Our constant stream of neverending blog posts has slowed down a bit, huh? The blame can be squarely placed on all the business we've been doing lately - so we can't complain! In between gardening, going to the farmer's market, watching the Mets and the end of the (European) football season, we've been doing lots and lots of work. Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to lately -

When we saw this font on Ebay, we knew we had to have it - even if it wasn't expressly written in our budget. (I mean, it has weird tiny dragon heads all throughout!) Luckily, it seems that nobody else was interested and we got quite a deal on it! We think it'll be great for stationery or wedding invites.

Another eBay find, an old typewriter font, was perfect for these business cards we just listed yesterday. I really wanted to do it with Fox Mulder's information but we weren't totally sure about copyright issues...

I also spent a few days rephotographing all of our wedding invitations! I think they all look so much better now. I was never happy with the first photos and was always planning on doing them this way "for real". That's a California poppy growing in our community garden! They're everywhere here because they tolerate terrible soil conditions - someday I want to go to Antelope Valley when the poppies are in bloom - it

looks really pretty!

Well, I think that's about it - we're planning some more new products to launch in the near future, so I'll keep you updated! We also have exciting developments from the vegetable garden, like how our beans

actually sprouted into bean plants

! (we're very excitable since this is our first year gardening...) Until next time!