Seedling City

We finally got around to planting the rest of our seeds that need to be planted indoors! We're probably too late on a bunch of stuff, like tomatoes and peppers, but the growing period is less than 70 days on those, so we figured we'd try to grow some of them anyway - they'll just be late-season peppers and tomatoes! Luckily, the first frost date is really late here, so even if we're cutting the season a bit short we should still get plenty to eat. (And we can always buy grown plants from the nursery if it really doesn't work out!)

We planted three kinds of peppers, cilantro, eggplant, two kinds of cucumbers, two kinds of tomatoes, tomatillos, and celery. The basil, mint, oregano, and leeks have all been growing for a month or so now.

In addition to all of these seedlings, later this week we're going to direct sow beets, carrots, spinach, bok choy, radishes, and cabbage. If nothing survives til summer, we'll just buy a bunch of tomato plants and fill our garden with tomatoes!

This is our baby gate for the seedlings - Sebastien is obsessed with trying to eat every last one of them, even though he no longer has many teeth to speak of! Silly cats.

He's been gnawing on our thyme, too. It's bounced back! I was ready to throw it away - in January it seemed like it was completely dead and not worth saving but then a little sprout popped up and now it's huge again! I guess I shouldn't doubt perennials like that, huh?

Today is the second day of our weekend - we basically haven't had a real day off this whole year (I haven't even logged into Playstation since late January, which is saying a lot!). We always say that we're "taking the weekend off!" but then we don't and we end up working. Self-employment is difficult to take a break from! In the end, though, I think taking breaks will only increase our productivity, because we'll have more energy and motivation to concentrate on work. Right now, the energy is definitely lacking a bit! Time to go laze around a bit for the rest of our "Sunday"!