Brand New Studio (& Apartment!)

When we first moved into our apartment, our operations were on a much smaller scale. Since we began planning our open in late October of last year, we began to accumulate all kinds of things that are necessary to run a print shop - paper, envelopes, ink, tables, shelves, and lots and lots of metal type. As we gathered these things, we just sort of stuck them wherever there was space in our apartment. It worked out pretty well - the small area off the living room that's meant to be a dining room was our studio instead. Over time, though, we realized that the studio had taken over half of the living room as well. Whenever we sat on the couch to watch baseball, a shelving unit filled with paper and envelopes took up half of our view. When we got up to get a drink from the kitchen, we squeezed past a giant type cabinet (and often Matt, printing in the doorway to the kitchen). Enough was enough! Our brilliant plan was hatched - move the studio equipment, which took up most of the square footage, into the larger living room area, and move the living room into the dining room area - a smaller space for less furniture.

Now we have a huge studio space with lots of room to spread out and work.

Organizing everything into boxes and shelves has made our lives much, much easier - we're not exactly the most naturally inclined toward neatness, so beginning with an organized space is a huge help!

Now, when Matt's printing, he no longer has to stand in the kitchen doorway! And my desk has a corner all to itself - even with some natural light thrown in.

To celebrate our new studio, we bought a new rug from Ikea - it makes it feel like a great space to work in!

And the second, equally important thing - we have a real living room! When we sit on the couch to relax, we no longer have to look at paper or the type cabinet. We also now have windows in the living room that let in a nice breeze...basically, our apartment/studio combo is now a million times better than it was before.

It just goes to show - it's always nice to take a step back and reconsider things that are part of the status quo!