coastal hiking

While my mom and sister were visiting, we stayed out at the coast for a few days - the first day was sunny and warm; the other days, not so much. In the end, though, it was a good thing - we did some hiking that would have been made a lot more tiring if it were hot and sunny instead of cool and misty!

The hike we did was in Ecola State Park, which has a great view of the rocks off the shore at Cannon Beach. The trail we hiked was really muddy in places and was constantly going up and down forested hills. There were hardly any other hikers on the trail and we had beautiful views for the whole trip - before the turnaround point of our journey, a little rocky beach.

cliff views

The coast is such a special place - one minute, you're in a forest that's almost completely quiet, and the next you're on top of a cliff over the rocky shoreline with the sounds of waves and seagulls filling your ears.

We ended our hike at a small rocky beach that was absolutely packed with surfers. It was a really nice spot to sit down and take a break before returning the same way we'd came. We saw some people getting surfing lessons - maybe someday, we'll have to try it too!