Happy Summer!

Summer is here, and with it comes what everything we've ever read about retail mentions - the dreaded "summer slowdown". Everyone talks about it in hushed tones, wondering when it will hit and how long it will last. It makes sense that things would slow down now - everyone's spending time outdoors or on vacation, not sitting in front of their computers shopping. To prepare for this much-talked about event, we decided that now is the perfect time of year to expand our offerings.

We spent about a week going through all of our current offerings and placing them into design-specific collections. Then, we designed enough new pieces so that each collection has at least eight items in it. It's something we should have done from the start - released specific collections of pieces instead of haphazardly releasing things as we produced them. I guess this business-ownership thing is still a learning experience for us!

Now, we're in the middle of trying to crank out these designs as quickly as we can. We don't really think of them as "new offerings", even though they are, just as expansions to the products we already have. We have a whole bunch of ideas for


new pieces, but we want to finish these before we start working on those. Then, of course, there's also Cabin Dreams - perhaps the area we have the most ideas for! All of these things need to be finished by September or so. After that, we have the holiday season, potential craft fairs, and hopefully - lots and lots of orders. It goes without saying that we're more than a little bit busy right now! After designing all of our additions to the existing lines, we're left with about 120 different pieces to print. Right now, we only have about 120 items on our website in total. Doubling it within the span of less than a month is going to be quite the task, but we're up for it!

Especially because, even though we were prepared for it, June showed no signs of the slowdown we'd heard so much about. We look at it this way - if July is slow, that's no problem because we have a ton of work to get done, and if it's better than ever - well, we certainly couldn't complain about that.

We'll update again once we have more new stationery printed!