our first big harvest

When you first look at this picture, you might think it's another of our grocery trips for the week - but you'd be wrong! This is from our garden, all of it picked today. We definitely won't be going to the store this week.

We've got tons of beans - pound and a quarter just from today. We're having three bean salad for dinner tonight! Beans are definitely the plant for new gardeners like us to grow because they're easy and produce so many that it makes you feel like a much more talented gardener than you probably are.

We also got our second zucchini, some kale, cabbage, lettuce, rosemary, a pepper, and lots of baby beets and carrots. When we start harvesting tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers we'll really have a stuffed refrigerator! We broke out the canner for the second time this season yesterday - we'll probably be doing it more than a few times before the summer ends.